Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Frogster's "Runes of Magic"

Runes of Magic is a Free to Play Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. It takes a lot of "inspiration" from World of Warcraft, much more than any other games I've seen (A close 2nd goes to Allods Online)

I know most are eagar to jump right into Runes of Magic before really doing any research, but I'd like to bring up some issues you should consider before starting the game.
1. The race you choose will determine what classes you may choose. The race-specific classes are:
Elves: Warden (pet-based DPS hybrid class) and Druid (Healer Hybrid)
Humans: Priest (healers + Crowd control) and Knights (Tank-like melee class).

Things should should keep in mind while playing:
1. You are not restricted to keeping your class you chose at the character creation as your primary class. At level 10, you may choose a 2nd class to become. After this point, you may only switch between the two classes (For example, I create a Priest human. I reach level 10 and I choose Knight as my secondary. From this point on, I may only be a Priest/Knight or a Knight/Priest.) There is a way to change your secondary class by purchasing an item shop item, but it would be best not to resort to such a thing. While playing your first ten levels, do your best to consider your class options to avoid wasted time.



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